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Install  & Replace  Fascias

DC and Sons carry out installations , repairs and replacement of Fascias in Farnborough and Camberley areas and have  100% positive feedback on my builder.com.

With any pitched roof, the fascia, soffit and guttering has to receive and get rid of all the rainwater that runs down your roof. A well-maintained fascia soffit and guttering system helps protect your roof and exterior walls from damp, fungus and rot.

What are Fascias?

Fascias are the long, straight boards that run along the lower edge of the roof. They are fixed directly to the roof trusses and support the bottom row of roof tiles and carry the guttering.

UPVC Fascias

Our uPVC fascias are a cost-effective solution to replace old timber fascia boards. Maintenance-free uPVC offers long-term protection against water damage, damp and condensation.

Fascia Styles

We offer four basic styles of fascia for your home:

  • Flat fascia – clean flat style, ideal for low roofs with exposed rafters.
  • Square fascia – most popular choice of fascia. Features a right angle and a leg to support the soffit.
  • Round fascia – a rounded return edge gives a softer look.
  • Scalloped or Ogee fascia – features a scalloped edge for a more decorative finish.

Fascia boards

The work was good. They started at the time they said and finished on that day. Did not leave any rubbish. Would recommend to others.

Fascia boards replaced Camberley

Fascia Replacement

soffits and roof replaced before and after

Before and after photo showing replacement of fascia, soffits and roof tiles at the front of this property.


Fascias - installing, cleaning and repairing fascias in Camberley


Fascias - installing, cleaning and repairing fascias in Camberley